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A Story about the Beauty of Satsang

From Ma’s morning pujas & prayers, February 25, 1999

One time there was a wonderful kirtan being sung by the chelas of a well known and wise Guru (and gorgeous and thin, and  size 2, well  Its my story and I can lie if I want to).
One of the chelas played the ektara like a sweet breeze from the loka of the Gods.
All who heard were in divine bliss.

After the Kirtan and Darshan was over, all the chelas went to their rooms on the Ashram, they were all in ecstasy.
The Guru was made very happy.

During the early morning hours, the Guru heard strange sounds while she was doing Puja, It was the 2 strings of the ektara  quarreling.
The Guru listened how the strings voices began to get uglier and uglier.

The first string said loudly: I am the most important of strings, one hears me first.
The second string said, oh no, I am the most important of strings, I end the divine sounds.
The Guru listened and then walked over to the ektara just as the drums began to wake up and join in.
When they saw the Guru’s face they backed away ( very smart drums ) The Guru walked over to  the ektara and tightened both the strings until they were choking, and almost to the point of breaking.
Then she made them very loose until no sound came out.
Then she tuned one string and  the other she kept out of tune.
Then visa versa.
Then she tuned them both in sweet harmony.
The Guru said to the strings, if one of you are out of tune then both sound bad.
Stay in tune with each other and make beautiful music for the Guru and the Gods.
The Moral of this story is one you know.
It is that you are all strings on the Guruji’s great instrument called Satsang.
Stay in your heart and worship the Divine Mother and Guru.
The Guru is the master musician, yet the strings must be in tune with each other and that is called beauty of satsang.


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