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Spiritual Yearning

Here is more from the book, THE 11 KARMIC SPACES, page 154

Yearning is the homesickness of the Soul.

Spiritual yearning is so sweet that you feel your heart opening, which allows you to touch your true self. Transformation begins when your hunger for the world is replaced by deeper yearning.As my Teacher Swami Nityananda said, “You must return from where you have come.” Where is that? It is the very place of creation, the only place where hunger ceases to be. Now your choices begin to spring from your heart, not your mind.

Isn’t yearning just as painful as hunger? No – actually, it’s ecstasy. Hunger for anything that will pass away is pain. Yearning for what is permanent and unchanging is bliss. Someone once asked me, Ma, what is your favorite thing?” Of course my mind immediately suggested chocolate cake; but in truth, the most beautiful thing in my life is worship. Devotion is a risk that you take, for indeed you may not be ready to leave what is familiar to you. Yet your own spirit is pushing you toward the Oneness. The electricity in your body is also in every cell and atom of the universe. What is spirituality actually asking of you? Just to be connected to the universe!
Eventually all worldly forms dissolve into the formless, and you are free and out of all Karmic Spaces. They crumble and fall into dust. This you learn not from books, but by devotion.

When I say you are free from all worldly forms, I mean attachment to any person or thing.
This is true freedom: to enjoy all you have and all you want, while knowing that there is so much more coming to you from devotion.
Freedom is also the awareness that what is in you is in the Universe at the same time on different levels.
It is knowing that your dead don’t die when they become spirit, and that you are never alone.

There is a very definite relationship between the flesh, bones and the non-physical, or spirit.
Stress ages the human body unless you can go beyond flesh and into your Soul-body during meditation.
To break down tensions and to rid the flesh of stress, one must understand the beauty of the body and Soul.
In this way it becomes one with the flow of the Mother of the Universe.
This book shows you the different KARMIC SPACES you may be stuck in at this moment of now.
It also shows you how to use the book in the simplest way.

The book is pure Tantra.
It uses the Universe, the physical body and the Soul to turn everything as flowing space – and then nothing at all, only pure bliss.

I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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