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Spiritual Freedom


You all seek the freedom of living in your spiritual essence.
Spiritual poverty has no place on the path.
To ask to get closer to your essential self, you need courage, determination, and strength.
The lovers of the Universal Mother travel in the opposite direction of most of humanity.
They follow the path of absolute, unconditional love.
The true self belongs to the Mother within.

You ask Her for the ability to see past the flesh into the rivers of your heart.
When She answers, you are able to see yourself on your funeral pyre that you light yourself.
You can sit in a freeing meditation of seeing yourself upon the funeral pyre and watching how your ego body melts into the flames, which are fanned by the Mother Herself as She sits and watches the flames entering her own body.
Here is where She absorbs the ego and turns it into the golden aura of light.
She Herself lifts the spirit-self from the flames and brings part of Her own flesh to you, the child of Her womb.
Ask Her to take you into the place where the ego has no place.

We need Her Shakti to help lead us to our selves.
Only then are we ready to enter into the formless of joy and ecstasy.
Our physical bodies return to dust and ash as our breath begins to journey into death.
All of our lives, the Beloved prepares you for the beauty of death with the Mother’s name on your breath.
When you believe that the road is too difficult and you begin to stumble, it is the Mother who grabs hold of you and sets you straight upon the path that you chose yourself.
She brings us the strength to face our dark side and come through into the light with the Mother never leaving us at all.
She is not so far beyond us that She cannot hear our prayers and pujas.
I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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