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Spiritual Breathing with Awareness


Sitting quietly with a straight back, become aware of your breath.
Settle into the rhythm that seems to bring you comfort.
Begin asking, “Who am I?”
Repeat these words to yourself,falling into another comfortable rhythm.

As you breathe in, feel yourself receiving blessings from the universe; as you breathe out, you give back to the universe.
With each and every breath you take and let out, there is an exchange between your earthly body and your spirit body.
Be aware of the breath in your earthly body, and then move your awareness to your spiritual body over your head.

Do this for a little while, breathing in and out.
Then breathe into your heart chakra, saying to yourself, “I am loved” – then breathe out over the top of your head, saying to yourself “I am love.”
Keep doing this breathing for as long as you want.
Then relax and let the breath do what it wants, as you follow it like a witness.

This is a very intense spiritual breathing exercise.
It takes practice for it to go deeper and bring you more peace.
Through this breath you can find your Supreme Self.
You can find your infinite beauty.
Spiritual breathing with awareness awakens you to the deep place in your being beyond ego and eventually leaves an unfolding message from your deeper self.

I love you with all my heart.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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