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The Spirit of the Self


Everyone is born with all the mysticism of the world and beyond.
As we grow older, we seem to forget the joy of mysticism that we had at birth.

The Universal Mother reminds you of your beauty every day of your life.
She reminds you of your connections to the Mother and the Father.
The pathway to the Mother is through the heart.
You often seek to transform, overcome or slay the ego, when all that is necessary is to simply know that the ego is just a thought and does not have roots.

The way to your heart is to be in the being stage of your life instead of your doing stage.
“I am who I am because you are who you are.”
These words have always made my heart smile.
We are who we are because God and Goddess are who they are.
They are our reflection without the shadow of the ego.
The level of your compassion for others and yourself is a measure of your success on the spiritual path.
See this moment how much others can affect you.
See how much you truly care about others.

If you find that it is not a lot, then immediately see how you can bring to yourself more compassion.
I want so much for you all to find your path of Bliss, to feel the luminous life of love.
All of life is lit as you walk upon Mother Earth.
The silence of the soul is sweet.
We all abide in the Mother’s love.
Think back deep into your heart, and feel the pulse beat of your being beat to the rhythm of the Mother’s breath.

Nothing dies or disappears; all is the spirit of the Self.
The Self is existence, knowledge, and bliss.
The Self is truth, auspiciousness, and beauty.
The Self is life, light and love.
The Self alone is THOU ART THAT.
Realize this and be free.
I love you so very much.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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