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Spirit and the Beloved


Spirit is the only creator there is, and the choice that will show you spirit is deep within all of you, yet easily available.
You regenerate the body from day to day, atom by atom, in order to be one with your Beloved.
It is the spirit within that brings you up to par each moment.
Spirit is omniscient and comes forth through concentration and focus.
It is good to meditate with a picture of your Beloved in front of you.
This way you learn to understand the value of spirit and the simple joy of recognizing it.
Baba has always taught me to teach of the spirit that lives and lingers in the heart even after death.
One is never alone, for spirit is always within easy reach.

There are times when you feel all alone, even though in the quiet you can feel quite deeply.
Swim in this spirit, and let it touch your heart.
There is spirit in everything.
The sweetness of spirit can pour from one to another
I cry out to the heavens for all of you and speak of the beauty that shines in the sun, moon and stars.
Glory surges in the rivers that flow from our hearts.
May we behold it everywhere and bow low in its presence.
Having felt Her, our Earth Mother, all is felt.
Having seen Her, all is seen.
Having touched Her, all is touched.
No matter our religion, our Beloved rises every moment within our Being.
Who is your Beloved?
You all have a Beloved.
Your Beloved travels through all paths of peace.
The path of light.
The path of joy.
The path of bliss.
Bliss can be your beloved.

After all these many years I still smile at the thought of the living love that flows through us all.
I hold tight to all grieving souls and bring them the joy of love.
I love you all,
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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