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Sixth Sense


We all have the power that nature has, yet we cover it with our intellect.
We move away from our natural instinct to follow the path of our minds.
When we see reality outside of ourselves, we begin to push our instinct aside.

There is a sixth sense inside of us that needs practice to be understood.
This is an inner relationship with our bodies and hearts.
There is always a feeling when we know that danger is near.
The way we pull back when ordinarily we would just jump right in shows that our instinct is at work.
We are so much more aware of everything around us than the ego would have us believe.
Developing our sixth sense is no more than becoming aware of the subtle information that is given to us all day long.
We are all receiving the hidden energy of the sixth sense constantly.

When our minds are over stimulated, we tend not to listen to any spiritual information that we receive.
Any subtle, real information is being ignored by reason.
Many people have lost their ability to pick up spiritual information that has bypassed the ego.

And so the Universal Mother comes between you and the ego-thoughts that take you out of the moment.
The more you begin to understand that everything is energy, the more you can regulate your reactions.
You are all connected to energy around you.
Through meditation you can feel higher and lower energy patterns; you are traveling the road of higher energy.

Kali Natha Yoga always reveals inner and outer energy.
Through this yoga your decisions do not rest on the shoulders of the ego.
Prakriti is composed of everything that is manifest.
Prakriti is the Mother.
To know Her is to know yourself.
The heart of Prakriti is the deep mind of the seeker.
Prakriti is always reflecting on Shiva, the Father Purusha.
All of the Universe is a tapestry or blanket.
The blanket that covered Neem Karoli Baba was the entwined thread of male and female.
Seeing everyone as the Atman, as the Atman is seen in us by everyone else, is the Teaching of Baba.
The movements of Kali Natha Yoga are the movements of Prakriti, always an offering to the Universe.

This is unique to the ego.
The ego wants all to worship it in all ways.
The limitless ecstasy is the knowing of the Mother
She is the universe’s greatest gift to humankind.
To simplify everything, the heart of the yogi waits to be used and used well.
Without your using your spiritual heart, it withers and you feel old.
Say over and over, “The Mother loves me,” and see how the heart blossoms and brings you the chance to live in bliss.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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