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A Sense of Peace

From Ma’s darshan line January 4, 2003

Namaste my chelas all over the world,

When the mind is not at peace, the world appears to be in turmoil and everything around you seems to be in chaos.
The heart cannot be felt when the mind is not at peace.
The heart in human beings is the supreme abode of God and Goddess.
The Self is beyond reach of all the senses and the mind.

As one learns to delight in a spiritual life, others come to love to be around them and peace is found.
As one enters our Sacred Kashi Ashram this peace of mind, body, heart and soul enters into them full force in a subtle way.
The sense of peace grows when the mind stills as one walks around our Ganga and feels the beauty of our Temples.
The heart expands until it feels as if it will burst.
They who know this Self are the ones to drink the Soma of life and to always feel the giver of life.
Those whose hearts are wide-open fear nothing and judge no one.

The individual soul (jiva atman) experiences pleasure from worldly objects.
The Universal Soul caresses every moment of the Mother and lives in the moment of everyone’s life.
The Bliss of the Soul reflects through the mind of the yogi.
The Self is as sweet as honey and is total bliss.
You must know that one can have this bliss in life and live life in total bliss of God and Goddess.
Being on the Sacred Soil of our Kashi even for a short time brings one to remember that they are part of the Universal Soul.
Breathe in deeply my chelas this very moment and feel the love of Guru and Paramaguru.

I love you all so very much.

Kashi Ashram


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