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I seek enlightenment and wish to be a true servant of the universe. The most difficult accomplishment has been to distinguish whether I am serving myself by serving others. Can you share your wisdom on this subject?

Namaste Rita:

When you have the least desire to share of yourself to ease another’s burden, or to ease the burdens of thousands, or just to ease the burden of a child, automatically that who you are comes racing to the surface.  This is not about you and it is not NOT about you.  It’s about love.  Love is what carries you to your question.  Love is what takes the answers and places them in your heart so you can read them for eternity.  Don’t try to analyze who this is for.  Of course it’s for us.  I used to wonder “Am I doing this for me?”  I kept saying it over and over because I didn’t want to do it for me.  I wanted to do it for the world.  Finally my Guru, my Baba said, “Are you of this world?”
I said, “Yes.”

“Are you the Mother?”


Ma Jaya


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