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In satsang you are swimming in reservoirs of collected energies.
Your own intuitive nature is being exercised as you live in community.
In the circle of life and death, you have to trust that your vision is important to the circle and you are willing to share honestly what your vision is.
On the intuitive level, the sharing with satsang leaves your vision open and new things can be observed.

Ideas can be shared and manifestations can occur.
Now take a moment and think and celebrate thoughts of what you wish to happen.
Allow the positive feelings to build.
Feel your bodies tingle with energy.
Find that procrastination is not an option.
Feel yourself alive.
Allow yourself to have the feelings of success.
Feel yourself as an energetic, enthusiastic person.
Share your inner reality with the reality of the circle of satsang.
You are setting up patterns in your heart for future success.
The Shakti of success will be with you.
When you do not procrastinate, you are more powerful in your life and you manifest whatever it is you have dreamed of.

If everyone in satsang felt the deep desire to serve others through the Ashram, then all dreams can come true.
In our Sacred Kashi Community, miracles have occurred and dreams have come true.
And it is just the beginning.
I love you all so very much.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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