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Run to your Beloved


There is no place as rich as the presence of your Beloved.
My Baba taught me this many years ago.
To run to the Beloved at times of stress helps one to consume all of life.
It is the Beloved who tears the veil from the inner eye.
It is the ego that keeps one in a frozen state that lacks any form of gratitude.
Life comes and life goes; it is the Beloved that never leaves.
The ego finds the gates of the mind and opens them easily.
The ego sneaks into the thoughts, and one thinks that these thoughts are the right thoughts.

Yet the heart feels heavy as one longs for the touch of the Beloved’s hand.
From the outer world the ego slips into the inner shrine; the ego floats in and attacks thoughts.
I have seen this happen so many times.
The inside scars that the ego leaves keeps one in clouds of illusion.
One seems to bend to his or her own will, yet it is the will of the ego.

Devotion keeps the heart open wide, joyful and full.
Thoughts pass as clouds in the sky.
The ego’s thoughts that rage against all that is good subside as one meditates on the Beloved.
The ego’s thoughts of selfishness are drowned in the enfolding waves of intuition brought about by the love of the Beloved.
And our hearts are lit by love.

I love you all.

Ma Jaya


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