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Relaxing and Feeling


Mastering one’s own destiny leads to a deepening appreciation of the shining spirit within.
Freud spent many years processing feelings and where feelings come from.
To get to these hidden places, he had to find a method of bypassing the ego.
He did not know much of Eastern practices, yet he recognized something that is essential to the way they work.
He knew that Eastern practices opened awareness.
He learnt of discipline and how to use it to heal the mind.
He offered his patients the idea of relaxing, thus letting the ego relax its grip; this opened up layers of feeling closed and tight.

Through Kali Natha Tantric Yoga, the yogi releases any tightness in the body.
One recovers the capacity for feeling; Kali Natha Yoga teaches us not to be afraid of our feelings but to work with them.
Breathing in light and letting out toxic emotions can lead us closer to the Source.
Doing this type of breathing spiritual exercise for about 10 minutes every day will leave the yogi clear in his efforts to expand.

Breathe deeply and feel the beauty of the breath.
Do not breathe deeply carelessly, as this would never be a deep enough breath.
Breathe out all the staleness, again with awareness, and continue for as long as you can.
Keep the body still and the heart open.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


One Response

  • I enjoyed reading this post very much, thank you! I just discovered this website and your teaching today. I appreciate your insights into Freud, and as a psychiatrist I find your comments very relevant and helpful. The function of tension is to barricade feelings; relaxation opens the life energy that had been consumed in avoiding unwanted sensations. Honesty and courage are needed to befriend long-denied feelings. Namaste, Colleen