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The Reality of Life and Death


The ego mind will always cut out a large percent of reality when you begin to sit.
The ego mind will leave you cold with fear, if you let it.
To say your mantra before you begin to sit is to occupy the ego mind.
When you sit, the mind begins to send you subtle energies that mostly bring negative feelings coming directly from the ego.
As you begin to stop judging others, the mind tries to get your attention.
It sends thoughts that make no sense and seems to distress the one who is meditating.

As you begin to sit, see yourself in the tenderness of nature, perhaps by a clear lake.
Remember it is up to you to set up your meditation.
You begin to breathe in and out deeply, loving the breath.
The breath is your connection to life and death.
Following the breath can bring you close to your Soul.
Remember, reality can come to you like the speed of light.
The breath is the reality of life and death.

Keep breathing deeply until you feel a deep calmness all around you and inside you.
Then look at the calmness.
Come into your feelings.
You will find that you will come to understand the feelings of others.
As you go into meditation, you are slowly pulling out of the world and going deeply into yourself.
Watch how the light comes streaming in all through your Being.
Say to yourself, “I am the life force of my Beloved.”
Due to this meditation, you will find that you grant yourself freedom through shakti.
You receive a heightened sense of reception.
You find yourself growing closer and closer to your true self, the self that does not judge or condemn.
You begin to develop the sixth sense.
You are not limited by your mind.
Just sit and simply watch your breath.
Count how long it takes you to take a deep and wonderful breath and how long it takes you to breathe out.
You begin to exhibit an inner knowing.

After awhile you begin to believe in your own intuition.
You can begin to balance the body.
Meditation can help keep you from getting into difficulties.
You feel free in your own intuition.
You begin to pay attention.
This all comes from watching your breath.
Watching your breath also brings awareness.
You are living in a sea of energy.
You are receiving these energies all the time
Now you are becoming an intuitive person of spirituality.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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