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Questions for Baba


I have known the silence and loudness of life.
I have known the sadness and happiness of life.
I have known the silence of the woods before the winds of spring begin.

And within the depths of my mind, I wonder: of what use are words?
Do they not hurt us?
Do they not pull us from the moment of love and bring us into
yesterday’s pain or tomorrow’s fear?

I ask my Baba, “Why do I write these words, trying to touch so many to
help heal their wounds and fix their hearts?”
He smiles and says as clear as day, “THIS IS YOUR PURPOSE, YOUR REASON FOR

I smile and say, “Of course, my Beloved.”

I remember asking the same question before.
Why do I forget the answer I ask of my Beloved Guruji?

He smiles again and says,” What if you remembered everything you have
ever said? Where will the fresh flowers or the new answers go?”

“Are not the answers always the same?” I ask.

“Each moment is different, through lifetime after lifetime. There is so
much to ask about, to live and to learn; and so your children grow, and the answers grow along
with the questions.
You are too full of wisdom for the heart to have the tongue to utter the
knowledge all at once.

“There is a great range of answers you have, Ma, always ready for the
great range of questions they will ask you as the centuries go on. Then it
all becomes very exciting and real as you teach them to teach.”

I bowed before my Guru Baba, and wondered how many more questions I will
have for my Beloved.

He turned and looked toward me and answered my unasked question- and I
smiled at us both.

I love you all.

Ma Jaya


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