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Question: Why does the soul need lessons?


Here is Baba Hanuman’s Question:

“Why does the soul need lessons? Why does the Soul, when it leaves the body, have to come back for lessons and carry with it the seeds of karma from lifetime to lifetime? If the soul is one with the Mother, then why do we forget? I feel like the soul is purity itself. Why is there karma attached to it?”

Namaste Baba Hanuman,

The Soul is purity itself.
When the soul is in life or has taken a body by choice, then there is no karma attached to it whatsoever.
This is not a constant circumstance.
The soul in its perfect state is in the Formless.

When the body covers the soul, there is great delight in the body or flesh.
The body is also called the great strength in the scriptures.
It is the soul that is free, and in the quiet of meditation one can feel how to get rid of one’s karma by doing right actions.
The soul always carries the karma of a person to Earth to get rid of negative karma or to add good karma.

The more one returns to learn, it is the Higher mind that is carrying the karma.
The soul in the quiet of the Higher mind can refresh your experiences and bring impressions of past lifetimes, allowing you to follow their right path for yourself.
Everyone has been everything; therefore, to be prejudiced against anyone or anything is quite foolish.
You can learn this moment what you need to know in order to have choice.
It is the choice that always is there, lifetime after lifetime.

The love of the Beloved is also part of the seeker’s breath, and it is in his or her lifetime to choose to live that lifetime at the Beloved’s Feet.
Yet, not to confuse you more, you must know that even choice holds karma.
For Ma there is no choice – thank God, I must follow my Beloved Baba.
The love is so strong.
It can be felt and breathed in.
I love you with all my heart.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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