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Question: Is Trust an Aspect of Samadhi?


Question from Swami Jaya Devi: Is trust an aspect of samadhi?


All Teachers must gain trust; this goes with the territory.

I too had to gain trust in my chelas as they began to feed and teach so many.

When you are sitting by the well of your Beloved, you must have a deep trust.

The silence is deafening and quite scary at first, until you want more.

It is almost like flying without wings, except you are in bliss as you are flying.

The ego is always there trying to stop your primary drive for God.

Trust must build.

The stillness brings movement to the seeker’s heart.

Yes, trust is a big factor as one goes toward the Ultimate Bliss.

And more than the bliss and becoming liberated, one has to return to serve and to teach.

It is all a process.

As the seeker travels the road toward Samadhi, the intention becomes both the holiness of life and the truth about death.

It is all so very exciting, and humanity benefits the most.

I love teaching you all like this.

Be careful, as the ego will try to confuse your heart and mind.

Yet the Gods and Goddesses will call you and hold you as well as your Beloved.

I love you with all my heart.


Ma Jaya

Kashi Ashram


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