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Question: Does God evolve?


The question today is from Betsy:

“Just as we continue to grow, learn and evolve, is God or Goddess evolving as well?”

This is a far out question, and the answer is very simple.
In each lifetime and with every generation, everything changes.
The Deities must watch to see how much the seeker can hold and learn, as well as how much negative karma can be taken and positive karma can be earned.

So the answer is, “Yes.”
As you absorb and learn and want to live a good life on a spiritual path, so must the deities learn how to tell what can be offered in the way of choice.
The whole world and Universe continues to evolve as the mind of humanity pulls both questions and answers from the Source.
I personally love to watch my students expand their consciousness, and I must learn from my own Guru to stay detached.
Yet as the Mother, I will do anything to have all of you make choices that will make the world a better place and yourself a better person: a person of the heart.
We all can learn something every day of our lives.
There is so much more to come, to feel, and to share with others.

By living the fullness of life while serving others, hearts open and negativity begins to disappear.
I love you all so very much.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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