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Prosperity in Your Life


Use your power of visualization to realize what you want in life.
Stop pursuing what you do not want.
Reach out to others with love.
Accept others for what and who they are.
Send away judgment and replace it with love.
Ask your own spirit for help.
In your spiritual willingness to hear your soul, you will find the intuitive readiness to live your life as you want to.
Think of living your life filled with prosperity.

Take 15 minutes each day, seeing in your mind what is possible to experience and what you want in your life.
Know that there is no such thing as scarcity.
Begin to trust what it is that you want will come to you.
If you have become accustomed to lack, know that prosperity is, in fact, a truth.

What led you to think that you are not deserving of prosperity?
You are harboring and owning negativity when you are jealous of someone else’s joy.
Try today to be happy for another person’s success.
Even if you fake – it just do it.
Sometimes as you pretend to be happy for others, you find out you truly are.
Then a life of positive thought begins for you and for others – soon this will become an example for others.
Real magic happens when your soul becomes happy in the giving.
Let yourself just flow.
Let your whole day be a day of meditation.
The purpose is to produce joy for yourself and others.

Begin to train your mind to meditate.
This is a new way of life that will allow you to experience bliss in your life.
It will sneak up on you as you get yourself flowing.
Use the power of your mind to feel the beauty of your world.
Your mind is very powerful, and you will be surprised that you can produce anything you want.
Bring a picture to your mind of what you want to receive from the Universe.
This is how By the River was born.
By the River was a dream I saw in my heart, and now it is a reality.

When you can trust your intuitive voice and you begin to listen to it, you can replace lower thoughts with higher thoughts.
Try it now.
Trust in your own divinity.
Surrender to your Soul, and watch prosperity in all matters flow to you.
Invest in your own prosperity and in your own beauty.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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