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Many of us are creatures of habit.
We often prefer the old to the new, even when the new is better than the old.
Resolve this day to live through the discomfort of change that will happen through not procrastinating.
Yes, procrastination is a habit we get into and cannot get out.

Be aware that there will be some discomfort of change when you are targeting a primary development, a procrastination issue that can pay you back with dividends.
Mark a date, however long it may take, and decide to do as many things as you can during the times.

Do not think you lack the will to sustain the effort and give up on yourself before you start.
Make the date far ahead enough to get 8 things done.
I do not care if it is in a week, a month or five months.
Also remember you can never fail the Universal Mother.

I love you all
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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