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Procrastination & Meditation


Out of the Self rises an awareness of completeness.
Procrastination comes from not being aware what is offered you in time and space in this moment or the minute after.
The minute after procrastination has been canceled, there is usually a great space of accomplishment and gratefulness.
When the Higher Mind comes into play, not only does work that has been put off get done; one can make time for meditation.

You can start off by rewarding yourself with a five minute breathing exercise, such as breathing in seven; holding seven; breathing out seven; and holding out seven.
You can do this for four minutes and sit quietly for one minute.

Not only does procrastination slowly stop, but you begin to grow because of meditation.
All in all your life changes for the better.
The Self is the Reality of reality, the Oneness of All.
Life is lived solely on the level of experience.

You learn that when encountering a negative thought you can say to yourself, “What is this?” in a simple and calm way.
Soon this negativity will float away.
When you stop trying to force pleasant feelings, they are free to emerge on their own.
When you do not procrastinate, you will find positive thoughts soon follow.
Stop procrastinating, and enjoy moments that were not there before, mostly because you take time to think of all that you have to do and don’t.

I love you all with all my heart.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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