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Procrastination and the Light


The next time you sit, say over and over, “I am that which is that.”
All human beings are made of Light that fills the heart with love and compassion.
With the acknowledgment of this Light, you raise your awareness of the Self.
This is a definite message that your body, your mind, your worldly life and your spiritual life are connected through this Light.

You are all capable of getting things done.
When you procrastinate, it is hard to understand the great Light flowing within you.
The Light is a flowing entity that keeps flowing as all is being taken care of.
Procrastination brings extra negativity and an ego’s desire to have you fail.

What holds you back from doing the things you have to do?
Your indecision keeps you in a physical and mental bind.
Are you afraid of succeeding?
Procrastination is the sister of fear.
Your ego keeps getting in your way.
Do what you have to do, and see how much better you feel.
Procrastination is also the fear of success.

If you can see that you are procrastinating, then you are on your way to a more flowing life.
The accumulation of things you have to do leaves you sad and lonely.
Come to a decision of just doing it, and feel the will to succeed.
You have the God gived right to do whatever it is you want to do.
If you procrastinate, you lower all expectations of yourself.

Take the time to see what you are afraid of.
Get stuff done and be free of mind.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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