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Preventing Chaos

Taken from a transcript of darshan at an Atlanta Intensive, March 31, 2006 titled Preventing Chaos

In the Vedic tradition, the great Sages and the great Sadhus many times climbed a mountain and their chelas climbed right after them.
The sages would sit on rocks and their chelas would sit almost on the edge, never knowing if they were going to fall down or not.
In that moment all chaos disappeared, because they were too busy trying to sit still on the edge of a high mountain, on a small plateau before the peak.

What the world is going through is entering into you.
Each time you hear something or see something, it enters into you.
You don’t know what to do with it.
Now because you don’t know exactly what entered into you, you create your own chaos and nothing gets done.
Nothing gets done, and then you forget to be generous, or you forget to be humble.
Once you forget to be humble, you’ve lost something.

Chaos takes you out of the moment.
Any wave that comes at you in a horizontal level has you acting like someone else.
Chaos does not come vertically at you.
It comes horizontally to pull you to the left, to the right, to the front, and to the back.
Then when waves of joy come you wait to be drowned, because it can’t last.
When the waves of chaos come, you almost enjoy it because that’s familiar.

You don’t need to conquer chaos; you need to prevent it.
To live in chaos is to live in fear.
I have seen over the years what the mind does when the mind is chaotic.  It prevents you from life, and many people turn to drugs out of the deep pain of chaos and confusion.

Prevent chaos.
Each time you wake up in the morning, before you say a prayer, before you take a breath, just say, “I’m going to consume you today and I’m going to grow.”
To prevent chaos you must eat it, you must consume it, and you put it right in your belly and you imagine a fire in your belly burning chaos before chaos exists.
Before your day becomes chaotic, it burns in the belly.

When you have great humility you’re eating chaos.
Then it can’t get you.  It can’t even shoot arrows at you.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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