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There is a current of prana running through us all.
It gets stronger as you live life in spirituality.
In meditation, the prana can become so strong that it becomes subtle – almost as if you are breathing through your bones.
The bones of the body begin to extend as each mental breath comes in and out.
The flesh becomes supple, and the mind becomes free.

You radiate a certain glow both inward and outward.
You find yourself expanding toward all those around you.
You begin to come in contact with your Higher Self.
You begin to believe.
Each one of you makes a difference in your life and the world.
Stay focused on the beauty of yourself.
This is the magic of the heart of awareness.

You are the single individual soul that can help the world become more peaceful.
Your heart demands joy, and your ego mind denies it.
Know you are on the path of kindness, and carry out your life with ease and joy.
Treat yourself to the belief that the Universe can hear all requests.
Begin to speak to the Universe, and know your God can hear.
Stop pursuing what you do not want, and begin to live your dreams of what you want for yourself.
You are all so powerful in your truth.
Create a picture of what you want in your mind, and know that it will come to pass.

This moment sit by the Mother’s Well and drink deeply, noticing that the more you meditate on the well, the more there is to drink and share with others.
It is all about love.
I love you with all my heart.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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