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Practice to Conquer Jealousy

When you have jealous explosions from time to time, you are like an earthquake looking for destruction of the Self. Practice this meditation when jealousy begins to rear its ugly head. This meditative spiritual exercise will clear hatred, hostility, and other negative emotions. You are the expert that can lead you out of darkness. You and you alone can take yourself into the Mother’s arms and let her carry you out of the darkness. The black hole in astronomy is a dying star. For this meditation, you actually have to bring yourself to the edge of the black hole.

  • Sit quietly, close your eyes.
  • Imagine yourself on the edge of a deep black, dying star.
  • See yourself looking toward a living, bright star.
  • Breathe deeply as you look toward your third eye, and breathe in the light of all the stars into your sixth chakra.
  • Take each thing or person that you are jealous of, and practice going to the edge of a black hole. Then pull yourself back to your own inner star.
  • In your mind’s eye, think of any sacred body of water.
  • See the space of jealousy begin to fill up on the sacred waters.
  • Shock the ego away by drowning it in the water’s holiness.

This practice comes from the Kali Natha Yoga Teacher Training manual. Learn more about Kali Natha Yoga Teacher Training at the Kashi Ashram website.


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