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Power of Love


Love is a tremendous power that dissolves everything that is in its way, if the human being is willing.
Love comes from a different dimension than everyday life.
It opens the heart.
The heart has to be opened, because it is limited.

When the Soul cries for its Beloved, it is the primal sound of creation.
This is the separation that brings unhappiness.
It is the ego that comes between you and the heart.
“I cannot feel,” the heart cries out.
Yet you bring openness to the heart by saying these words .
Acknowledging your limitations is what the ego waits for.

Yet it is your Divine Beloved that shows you how the Soul and the heart meet.
The moment you want truth, you challenge the world.
This is beyond any religion.
Lovers of the Beloved receive such blessings.
I said to my Baba, “Do with me as you wish; I am just the logs in the fire of your love.”
I only wanted my Guruji, knowing that He is all that there is.
From Him I learned how to live and to teach others as well.
And so the harshness and the beauty of the path began, and I knew from the beginning that the beauty would outweigh the harshness.
“Bless everyone and judge no one,” Baba said.

The living nourishment of the moment is fed by all of life.
You only need to breathe in and out deeply.
Call it what you may, the breath is so important to connect the two levels of existence.
Life and death.
Always keep open the part of your heart where you can speak to your God, and your God can speak through you.

The Mother knows all the answers for whatever question you have.
The mind tries to digest what it cannot digest.
Before you can grasp it, you have to get out of your own way.
This is the secret of the universe: Get out of the way of your beautiful Soul.
The heart will awaken, and joy will abound.
The Mother’s love is unlimited, and so is yours.

Breathe in more deeply than ever before, and breathe out the same way.
Keep allowing the breath to be deeper than the one before.
Then just sit still and be open.
In the stillness you will feel the thread of Baba’s Blanket weaving itself into your day-to-day to life.

And then you will know.
I love you.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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