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Positive Intent


Positive Intent: Reach for a positive thought. Page 136

The simple practice of hesitation helps you stop reacting blindly to everything that happens, but there is also pre- action, a positive hesitation where you make room for your soul’s choice.

When you are getting ready to do something, use that split second of hesitation to ask yourself, “What is my intention?” In this way you are asking to be in tune with your higher self. You get yourself out of the chaos of useless or uncreative activity. You final stop spinning your wheels. A very simple prayer at the start of every new day or every new project brings you great power because you are tuning yourself to the flow of the universe. You can accomplish the same thing if you make it a habit to take five slow, deep breaths before you start your day:

When I first heard the teachings on hesitation, I was not too keen on it. Then I realized that people need to start making right choices for themselves, and  non-reaction was the way to go. Non-reaction, or easy reaction, comes from hesitating for even the smallest amount of time. You are allowing your Higher Soul a chance to teach you and lead you by filling in the empty space of hesitation. The Higher Self helps you press past how you think you feel about something.


Often we have to practice listening to our own breath before we get it right. Yet by reaching for a higher thought, you are inviting the Universe in to guide you. There is so much guidance that is yours to receive when you are open to it, and it comes from yourself.

It is the Self you seek. The Mother works constantly with those who believe that by making small changes on an ongoing basis, we can get closer to our hearts. The heart begins to close when anger comes from inside or outside of you. Begin to imagine that when you are about to speak in an angry, hurtful voice, the Mother places Her hand over your mouth – and all you can do is take Her beautiful scent in.

We all have to deal with our little faults and imperfections, yet we do not want to deal with others when they make mistakes.

You can find ease in your life instead of spending time allowing words to come from your mouth. Make a decision today to develop a new attitude toward yourself and others. See how many times you hesitate before you speak words that truly do not represent you. You have a life to enjoy; you have time to know how blessed you are. The most profound thing is that when you are in your heart, the Mother uses your voice to make Herself known. So many of us spend so much time trying not to get hurt that we cannot open ourselves fully. Find your hidden voice of quiet and hear the voice of the Mother.


Love, Ma Jaya

Kashi Ashram


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  • Before I speak for years I have imagined St. Theresa next to me, ‘trying’ to get me to take my time and think. Hyperactivity is definitely a challenge. This is a beautiful teaching. Thank you, Ma
    Rama Dasi Jaya