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Perfect as You Are


Many times I receive letters asking, “Ma, why can’t I sleep at night?  I turn over and over thinking how inadequate I am and this was when certain things came up.  I even feel worthless; why do I feel like this?”

I can only answer that these people are listening to their ego and not their hearts.

When a negative thought rises, there will be a sense of contraction – a tightening and bracing of the muscles.

Once your body acts this way, you begin to think that you are the body instead of your beautiful heart.

The ego may send you thoughts of rejection from those who love you, and you choose to believe the ego.

I say to all of you that you are perfect as you are, and a thought is just that – a thought. It is only a thought. It cannot harm you or others unless you let it – unless you give it permission to do so.

You keep feeding the information back into your mind and you get more and more nervous, sending stiffness into your body.

Negative thoughts or images are pushed away in a gentle way, since they have no substance. They are just thoughts.

There is a close link between depression and the body, which only love can separate.

People tend to send a message that a person who is depressed is weak. These are people who try to hide their depression. The ego can have you thinking with great certainty that you are not loved.

By listening to your ego, you behave differently from your natural self.

Remember that you are perfect as you are, and that a thought is simply a thought.

I love you all.

Ma Jaya

Kashi Ashram


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