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Peace and Love


There are so many times that you become restless.
You almost do not know what to do with yourself.
You can become prey to illusions, and you can be victimized by guilt when you feel restless.
Yet meditation can overcome restlessness; all your feelings, including unworthiness, can begin to disappear with the practice of meditation.

When you go deep into yourself, where time is meaningless and any place is no place, all concepts of life and death begin to melt away.
They are laid aside until you can learn detachment; then you can have anything in the world or the heavens.

Peace and love are what your soul yearns for.
You can soar to the highest place of your being when peace and love become part of you.
The silent mirrors of the Mother reflect all Her love for you through meditation.
In honest clarity, you must know that you are loved deeply by the Universal Mother.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


One Response

  • tony ganesha says:

    Namaste Ma and Thank you for these words. They calmed me down.
    Love you!
    Tony Ganesha
    Way up here on Martha’s Vineyard.