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Pain and the Breath


There are times in your life that you cannot feel what else is going on in your life because of a traumatic experience.
You are consumed in the traumatic experience.
Yet no matter what it is, the Mother’s breath can be felt in just one second on calling Her name.
Instead of being disassociated and numb, the most powerful path of understanding is that you have a softening of your heart.

I understand what it is to feel that you are trapped in a space of fear.
The only place that is bigger than fear is love.
Cultivating love for yourself when things are going good is a great practice.

It can be used when you are closed down, tight and numb.
Any moment that arouses self-love can be always used.
When you understand that the Mother cares about your suffering, you feel tenderness.
Wherever you feel tightness, picture the Mother saying, “I love you no matter what.”
Sense where you are hurting, and bring the words into that place.

This connects you to that space of awareness.
Breathe in to the pain and the fear, and do not pull away.
This in-breath helps you to feel the contact of love.
The space of fear is being crowded, and the out-breath is a release of darkness and an influx of light into the fear.
Breathe forgiveness into the pain, and forgive the pain that is there.
The in-breath is making peace with the pain and suffering.
Breathe out all hurtful behavior.
Do this for five full in and out-breaths.

This will allow you to feel the tight squeeze of unworthiness; it will help you to get rid of it on the out-breath.
Feeling the pain is truly a good thing.
The awareness to recognize the pain is the essence of spiritual life.
The wounds happen when you forget you are being held by the Universal Mother.

Soon you will be free of the pain when you understand that you are the Divine light that is always the keeper of the Light that is yourself.
Take a deep breath inside your spiritual heart and begin to scan what it is you do not like about your own being.
Let the situation become clear, and ask yourself if you deserve the pain you are in.
Stay in this space; if you need more breath, then breathe out and quickly breathe in.
See what is really true.
Sense what is happening.
Where in your being are you feeling judged?
Then just breathe out, sensing the release, and breathe in deeply, feeling how the breath is the Light you seek.
Do this for a little while as the dark smoke of pain is getting lighter as you breathe in.
By doing this, you are making an offering of love to the Mother within.
The heart of awareness is being awakened.
Then just sit and let the breath do what it will for about five minutes, simply watching and being aware.
Soon you will feel a sense of love that is stronger than any amount of pain.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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