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Overcoming Thoughts of Fear


The Mother is always taking you into your full potential when you sit.
The Universe wants to give more wealth, more Shakti, and more health; you only have to ask with conviction.
With the help of Mother Laxmi, personal development is always right there.
Cosmic Intelligence brings self-empowerment, and with this empowerment you have the ability to serve others with the graciousness of the Mother.
Thoughts of fear are quite powerful, yet if you knew how much Shakti power is in the asking of anything from the Universe, you would not have such deep thoughts of fear.

It is the ego that allows fearful thoughts to run deep.
“It is just a thought,” you say to yourself.
Knowing that a thought is just that, you will find yourself bringing a smile to your heart instead of an ache.

Fear freezes the nerve centers in the body; yet the easy flow of repeating “God loves me” to yourself thaws out fear and leaves a golden, flowing liquid.
Fear is overturned by the great power of Shakti’s love.

The Mother teaches you of unconditional love all of Her life and beyond.
You can learn of the beauty of unconditional love.
There is no more vital force than the force of Love, and I send you this love at this moment and every moment in the Universe.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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