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Overcoming Negativity Within


Subconscious impressions are like grooves in a record.
One has to work upon them.
If you do not work on them, you continue to produce the same outcome over and over, each lifetime.

With the practice of concentration, meditation, and creative activities in life, you allow the emergence of a greater and purer reason to change your impressions rather than follow the same old way and expect a different ending.
It is like re-fashioning the grooves that have become deep roots.
Your values change due to life and meditation.
You do have free choice!
In certain times of your life, you may think that you must act and feel a certain way.
This is the ego taking you back in time instead of leaving you in the now.
You may turn to the familiar track that you have followed time and time again.
It is up to you to rip up to the surface of life and all the roots that lead to unhappiness.
As you grow, your values change and the illusions are overcome.

Your Beloved helps you to overcome the negative impressions which alter your life, as well as the old impressions of the subconscious.
Everything is fragmented knowledge which goes on piling up in your life.

This is why there are many different meditations and tools to stop the ego from taking you into the past of many lifetimes, truly bringing you to the bright moment that is the now.
Through Kali Natha Tantric Yoga one learns of effort, spiritual effort to move the body with grace and dignity.
Each pose allows you to see deep inside of yourself and change what is uncomfortable by bringing you out of your comfort zone and into your divine zone.

It is truly possible to overcome your past karma and fashion new ideas and
ways of life on a foundation of love and compassion.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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