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Our Primal Depth


Each of us has a primal depth that one has to find.
From a mystical point of view, Jung says that without a problem there is no growth.
The moment you have consciousness is the moment you find your individual identity.
The problem that comes to us is the way to come Home and still live upon Earth.
The natural flow of Earth is deep inside of us.
When we decide to work on ourselves, we enter into the unconscious, where we decide to take off the rough edges of our life.

We want the wholeness; and when we think we do not have it, the pain of separation comes.
The mystic knows that even in the pain we are growing.

The whole of life shows you how to enter into anything, able to control and consume that which happens in the moment.
The ego comes between you and your accomplishments.
Meditation allows you to glimpse something else.
And the something else is the Universal Mother’s shadow.
The relationship with the Mother becomes easy.

When you think the Mother is not there, only wounds occur.
Life’s situations become magnified, and so does the Mother through meditation.
When you walk on the spiritual path, you take one step outside the Karmic circle.
The Mother hands out your karma as you become more advanced and are able to handle more.

Rumi’s metaphor of the chick pea always has a big part in my heart of understanding.
The chick pea (you) wants to get out of the hot boiling water and the Master knocks you back into the boiling water, saying you are not cooked yet.
Finally you are able to jump out, knowing that you can indeed live without the ego as you watch the ego melting in the pot with the other chick peas.
“Help me help others,” you cry out, as you know you will not be put back into the boiling waters.
You are brand new and want to help humanity.
Your own problems bring you to the point of knowing.
And in this knowing you want others to understand.
Even when you have no more strength to move on, the Mother’s Grace comes forth – and suddenly your problems dissolve.

The mystic stands alone before the Master and asks for the state of bliss.
The Master says, “Look around you; you are free.”
Your Higher self is attuned to the shakti of the path and knows it is free.
I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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