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Open Heart Meditation


Sit in a comfortable position and bring your hands to pranam.
Using your thumbs, find that sensitive spot between your breasts.
Let your attention come to the center of your chest.
Just feel your attention right at the sternum, just under that bone.
For some there might be a slight, or more than slight, heaviness there. Perhaps there is pain that is noticeable, born of fears from lifetimes.

Don’t try to label it, just feel it.
Is there sadness?
Do you feel stress in your chest?
Reflect on the very center of the heart.
Begin to press on that sensitive spot, feeling the sadness breaking and melting away.
Feel the heart, and breathe into it.
Let the thumbs push into that sensitive area.
Do not use any of the pain or sadness as punishment.
Go deeper and deeper.
Do not try to protect the heart.
Keep the thumbs pressing, allowing the heart to be completely vulnerable. Understand how deeply the Universal Mother loves you.

Surrender into the feelings.
Let everything come through.
Let the chest be wide open.
Do not be afraid of the love coming from the heart.
Don’t judge yourself.
Just experience all feelings, knowing that the Mother is with you.
Let your breath bring you a soft awareness of the Mother’s love for you. She destroys pain and suffering.
She takes from you what you do not need.
Always try to be the child of the Mother.

You may feel a very noticeable ache or discomfort in the chest.
This is a pain born of the losses, fears and tensions of lifetimes.
Lower your hands and softly breathe in and out of your fourth chakra. All the pain has left, and the breath is bringing you the breath of the Mother.
Sit quietly, and enjoy the openness of the heart space.
You will find that you will be able to breathe more deeply than ever before, and you will have so much more energy.
Just keep letting go.
Go deeper into the love.
There is so much more space now for the breath of pure love.

I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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