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Om Bliss


Mantras are combination of special words; at times they are given by the Guru or Teacher to the seeker.
They are imprints on the Universal Flow of pulsations.
They were uttered since the beginning of time.
They etch out a path for us all to follow into the Formless.
They transform the negative mind into the positive heart.
Repeating these primal sounds helps the seeker relax in the midst of chaos.

You can practice long, deep breathing through the nose, allowing the lower back abdomen and then the rib cage to expand.
Continue in a smooth, effortless way for about two minutes.
As you inhale, mentally chant the words, “OM BLISS, OM BLISS, OM BLISS.”

As you exhale, mentally chant “BLISS, BLISS BLISS” repeatedly

Then inhale deeply, hold the breath for the count of seven, exhale, and relax.
Notice how the vibration of OM BLISS mantra calms the mind and fills the heart.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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