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Meditation is the art of inner listening, inner seeing and inner feeling.
Meditation is a practice that all religions accept.
The quality of awareness that you receive due to meditation can last all of your life.
Meditation allows you to hear the song within yourself that helps you to live with greater compassion.
It is if you leave the world behind, only to find it again in ordinary life.
Using life itself as the focus of a meditation practice brings you deeper than ever before.
You become aware.
The meditation expands.
You can choose a posture that keeps your body straight, yet at ease.
You take this seat between heaven and earth without being rigid.
To meditate is not to fight with the body.
If you become uncomfortable, it is time to move slowly.
There is no need to make yourself nervous.
You begin to connect to your own breath and your own body.
Come into the moment.

Love in the past is a memory; you need to love in the moment.
You need to connect to yourself in the moment.
Become aware of your breath.
Having found your posture with your eyes gently closed, begin to pay attention to your body.
Let your face become soft.
Let your mind relax as you feel your body resting on the Earth.
As you sit, you will notice many sounds and thoughts
Let the sounds and thoughts come and go like waves on the ocean.
You are at peace.
Simply be present.
You are in the space of relaxation.
Become aware that you are breathing.
Notice the sensation of the rhythm of the breath, the rise and fall of the belly.
Let the breath have its natural rhythm.
Focusing on the breath brings a steadiness of mind.
Let the breath be soft.
Feel the coolness or tingling or the expansion of the belly

Notice the sensations of the breath.
Notice that your mind is wandering and this is fine.
Notice it and come back to the breath.
After a few breaths, the waves of sound may have your mind wander; just come back to your breath.
Be gentle; there is no need to judge yourself.
Center yourself in the breathing.
Each time you are distracted, come back to the breath.
Place the palm of your hand on your belly.
Feel the natural rhythm of your hand on your belly.
It calms you and centers you.
You can return back to your hands on your belly when ever you want to.
Then just watch your breath.

This is a beginning.
You can be in meditation for many years, and yet you always can start in the moment like a beginner.
Just sit and connect to the breath.
When or if you feel tightness, just let it be.
Do not worry if your mind wanders.
The art of meditation is to see the mind wander and become aware of it.
When the breath becomes softer, let your attention become softer.

Expand your mind as you sit.
There may be areas of tightness and nervousness.
As you sit still, your body begins to open.
Perhaps you will feel tension.
It is not a problem; it is a kind of a healing.
You are being shown all the conflict or difficulties that you have stored in your body.
You are allowing the body to show you how to open.
The kindness of your own touch on the tension on your own body helps you receive your own kindness.
Receive the sensations with a kind awareness that allows you to name the tensions and be a friend to them.

It is important you pay attention to each aspect of the body to allow peace to come through you.
Let your eyes close gently and feel the natural rhythm of your breath.
Explore the body, scan the body and feel the area that most deeply asks for healing.
Then this breath becomes the healing breath of noticing.
Allow your attention to float with great kindness to yourself.
Now just sit and relax in your breath of noticing for as long as you want.
When you are finished return your attention to your breathing.
Breathe deeply into your heart space until you want it to end.
Come out of it all quiet and kindly.
Let your heart open as it will.
You are noticing these different feelings.
I love you all.

Ma Jaya


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