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Non-Judgment and the Breath


External appearances are the basis of forming first impressions about any person. While most people judge others on the basis of their first impressions, there are those who are thoughtful. They wait and watch to understand people more profoundly before they make up their mind. When all of our senses are open without judgment, everything shines.
The sense of timelessness and the sense of an open heart and mind go through an infinite state that we call meditation. Start to build up your mental muscles of awareness. This is a place of non-judgment.
When you feel your mind wandering during meditation, say to yourself, “Thinking, thinking, thinking.”
Everyone is different.

Focus on your in and out breath, and feel the breath expand.
Then pay no attention to the breath.
Keep your spine straight.
There is a subtle energy that rides up and down your spine.
Place your palms on your thighs or palms together in your lap.
Try to keep the eyes closed.
Just take notice of your breathing.
It flows in and it flows back out into space.
Little by little, you hook on to that rhythm.
The breath comes out into the clear blue sky infinite spaciousness.

When you catch yourself wandering say to yourself, “Thinking, thinking, thinking.”
Just hang out with the rhythm of the breath.
The breath is like a swing. It comes like a swing touching all things.
All life, all space, all being is in you.
Listen to the silence.
Listen to the joy of the breath.
Listen deeply inside of you.
If you are caught on a thought, just let go on an out-breath into space.

Keep breathing in and out so very gently.
Do you have a heart prayer you can say simply to yourself?
How about a prayer of gratitude as you return to the center, where there is no division between heaven and earth?
Ask to be forgiven your mistakes, and they will be taken.
Let go of what you have done or not done.
Become present and awake.
You are the mystery; you are the song of songs.
May your hearts be full all this day.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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