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No Separation between Mother and Child


The Goddess of Dawn comes, wearing the apparel of a new morning, a new start.

She comes upon us all, and we greet her with our awareness of a new day.

She bathes our world in the golden color of Her Being.

She brings us life and light.

Dispelled are fear and grief.

The darkness of night has fled into day, and we have the new morning to learn, to meditate, and to change if we wish.

She brings a new chance to come face to face with your new self.

Gaze around in your heart and say your prayers of gratitude.

In the silence of dawn, find that there is no separation between you and the Universal Mother.

You are the same: you are She, and She is you.

There is no difference between Mother and child.

The Mother dances upon the moon and looks down at all of us.

The Universal Mother dances until dawn when the Goddess of morning light flows over our Sacred Mother Earth.

The flame of individuality grows in your beings.

The mind of the seeker merges in all the forms of the Mother.

The light merges in the light; the gold of darkness merges into the night.

And the love merges in all of us.

Time stops when one thinks of the Mother.

In silence supreme one can hear the joy in Mother’s heart.

Sit this moment and feel your hearts open to the form of the Mother which you love the most.

Call on Her, speak to Her, and then sit quietly and hear Her voice.

The noise of the world is blocked out by the presence of who you are to the Mother.

You are never alone.

And as you sit in the quiet of the Mother’s arms, feel how protected you are.

You have the Mother always and forever with you.

There is no separation between Mother and child.

Blissful indeed is this life.

Be grateful, be thankful, and be filled with love.

As you sit, breathe in and out with awareness.

Be a witness to your breath.

It is your breath that will keep you aware and focused.

You are the Atman, the Universal Self.

These are not just words.

This is an actuality.

The Mother knows every one of you.

Painful are all limitations – and so She, the Mother, opens your mind and your heart.

I love you all.


Ma Jaya

Kashi Ashram


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