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Neem Karoli Baba’s Mahasamadhi


Saturday night’s darshan and celebration of Neem Karoli Baba’s life and death touched us all deeply as we sat together at the dhuni.
I knew my heart was practically beating outside my body, and everyone could see and feel the love flowing.
They came from all over the country and world.
We sat as one.
We were one.
Our Baba led your Ma all through the night.
I asked my Baba as we walked around the Ganga to the waiting arms of my chelas, “How can there be so much love in the universe?”
I walked toward them with a fresh step and an open heart.
The tears of happiness, spiritual pride, and joy began to flow.

My Baba’s Mahasamadhi was more of life then of death.
It was cow dust time, the crack between day and night.
It seems that the sun did shine in a special way over Kashi.
Whom would the flower turn to, if not to the sun waiting to shed its light upon it?
If the earth did not did not spin, to whom would the light return, time after time?

We love our Beloveds in all of our different ways.
They truly know of our love.
Simply put, I am so happy here with my students, watching those who are in need being taken care of by the young and the old, generation after generation.

It is our Baba who guides our minds against temptations of greed, anger, hatred, power, fame and judgment of others.
There is no measurement great enough to measure.
It is said that sight claims the things that one can see.
My Beloved says, “Not true.”
It is emotions of the heart, the true love of the Soul, that claims our Baba as our own and as the world’s.
Our year begins with such joy and bliss.
Feel it.
Taste it.
Become it.

I love you all.


My babies love me!

My babies love me!

Om namah shivaya!

Om namah shivaya!

Ma Jaya


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