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Naming your Thoughts


When you can honor all that is in you, whether it is dark or light, you become greater than all emotions.

With a deeper sense of confidence in yourself, you can conquer all things dark and light.

At times you do not want to close your eyes, so keep them open and get the very essence of the breath.

Let it come to your mind in unison with love, moment by moment, merging into each other in an open field of awareness.

This is definitely possible.

When you merge with all that is in you, you will be surprised how you are embracing all of your being beyond your ideas of yourself, thereby making room for this moment to be exactly as it is.

Do not label this moment in any way.

You are just a human being becoming aware.

Let the breath cradle the being that we call ourselves.

Embrace this being in its entirety.

You are the Mother of all your thoughts.

Bring your feelings close to you and your breath.

See how you feel.

You are completely open with your breath, with tenderness and kindness.

Give yourself permission to be ok as you are this very moment.

Let go of the past.

You have no need to hold on to the past or thoughts of the past.

Dwell in this moment, complete in itself.

It is secure in itself.

Your breath is robust in the embrace of your breath.

Take the moment; make it yours, yet do not try to hold on to it.

The sounds around you can be felt by you as a wave.

This is working with sound.

The sound becomes a part of you, and you learn after a time that you can include the sounds in your meditation.

The ego-mind sends thoughts, such as, “If only I had this or that.”

This is called if only mind.

It is always about what you think you want and do not have

George Bernard Shaw said there are two great disappointments in your life: not getting what you want, or getting what you want.

As you are watching your breath, think of the wanting mind.

As you acknowledge wanting, you see the mind for what it is.

The energies that arise can be made interesting by bowing internally to all things.

You can bow anytime.

The aspect of the mind that brings resistance can be recognized at times with mercy or kindness.

Hold the moment in the care of your attention.

Wanting to come back to your breath brings you a string of judgments.

Say to yourself, “There is the judging mind.”

The ego sends thoughts that you think should not have.

When sleepiness comes to you, notice how long it lasts.

Do not be intimidated by the sleepiness.

My Baba told me to go and sit by the edge of the well.

The well is deep, and you are afraid of falling into the well.

So you sit very still.

The mind tells you that you will be falling into the well.

All these thoughts that say, “You cannot be here.”

The ego brings the doubting mind.

Simply bow, say ‘thank you,’ and go on watching your breath.

Bow, and acknowledge the doubting mind.

Bowing to the doubting mind dissolves the doubting thoughts.

Gradually you become tired of the stories of doubt.

When your ego sends these thoughts of doubt, try to make yourself peaceful by watching the breath.

This takes only a few seconds.

Feeling the next breath can help you to quiet the mind and soften the heart.

Breathe in again, and let the awareness be spacious and easy.

Notice the sounds as you receive them in the body.

You can rest peacefully in the present moment, both breath and body.

Feel the natural rhythm of the breath.

If there are thoughts that carry you away from the moment, just keep breathing with awareness.

If you are feeling restless, say to yourself, “Restless, restless, restless.”

Return back to the breath.

Name your thoughts softly.

Doubting; planning; sounds; being uncomfortable.

Thoughts come and go, breath comes and goes, doubts come and go.

Label them.

These are your chosen thoughts.

Practice with the moods that are present right now.

Give them space to open or change as they will.

Notice what happens as you bring your awareness to the mood you are in.

Remember to acknowledge the mood.

Restless; tired; thinking.

Notice what happens as you meet them with awareness.

It becomes very exciting as you learn to label your moods and your thoughts.

You are stronger than your ego.

So many tell me, “Ma I am lost in thought; what should I do?”

What matters is that you recognize that you are thinking.

This moment you are given a choice to dive deeper into the thoughts, or just let the thoughts go gently.

The naming of the thoughts just lets you become aware of what is happening in the moment.

It feels wonderful.

You are wonderful.

Feel what you feel.

Love what you feel.

Never get angry about how you feel.

It is just a way to see and feel the breath like never before.

There is no fear, just love and truth.

Sometimes the theme of your meditation will be sorrow or sleepiness.

Do not be afraid of the feelings that come up in meditation.

It is a new road – a fabulous road.

When there is a thought that comes over and over, give it a soft name.

It wants to be acknowledged

Perhaps it is feelings that want you to make a peaceful heart.

You will find some way through your own awareness to hear the story that your mind tells.

By using the breath in the center of your awareness, you are growing – whether you are meditating for 10 years, or fifty years, or just starting.

This is love and kindness.

Sit in your own beauty, becoming more aware of life and sounds all around you – living, breathing, loving, and the sound of your truth.

This truth does not hurt another or yourself.

This breath quiets your mind and frees you.


Ma Jaya


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