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Music of the Heart


The human heart carries the deepest intimacy of all.
It carries the force and power of love, and that love touches all.
Service does that.
It has a life of its own.

The nature of the soul bursts forth from the music of the heart.
When you take the time to hear the hearts of others, you can learn so much.
Human life is difficult and complicated; yet we gain so much if we take the time to learn about others and the way they feel.
In every heart there is a voice of love that wants to be heard.
It is true, kind and compassionate.
This is the inner voice and the inner song of the heart.

So much depends on the whisper of the heart.
It whispers from beyond and encourages us all to listen.
Each day we can hear the voice of light and joy in the world and beyond.
There is dignity, hope and compassion.
Regardless of all the disappointments in life, we can always find the whispers of love.

I celebrate all of our lives and our teaching of service.
One of the greatest voices you can hear is the voice of compassion.
Without compassion, you feel completely alone.
You cannot find the light anywhere.

When those who love you cannot feel your love, and you know that they are in pain, visualize the joy of friendship and love finding its way to their hearts.
This love helps them to see the inner light.
It is a whisper.
It is a voice of love.
It is a divine whisper in the human heart.
Learn to listen.
Take the time to hear the voice of others.
Sometimes it is lost, yet you can always find it.
Without a doubt, we all can find the lost voice.

This is the wonderful part of your heart that must help others – that wants to help others.
Listen this day to the voice of a person that you never listened to before.
Feel if they are lost.
Feel if they cannot find their way.
Listen closely.
Watch how your heart opens wide.
Through the poetry of wanting love for others, you find the beauty of the presence of the Mother.
It is exciting and warm.
It is not cold or empty.
It is filled with the music of the heart.
Listen well, and dance to the music of life and love.
Listen to others, and you will know that the heart has ears.

I love you all.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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