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Mother’s Temple of Love


There are times when you are in such need of the Mother that you hide under your own pride and desire. Her love opens your silence; as we enter even slightly, Her heart pulls us in. We step over our abandoned pride and enter into Her temple of love. She keeps us with Her until our tears dry out.Our feelings of jealousy fall apart as we weep in Her Divine arms.

Her heart weeps for all of us.

As we look into Her eyes, we see that we can return to our lives and settle in – for She has taken our fears.

Only as days turn to weeks, we tend to forget and start all over, afraid to call on Her.
We are afraid to call on our Beloved; and in these fears, we have lost control over life.
Once we recognize this pattern, our true lives begin to bloom.
Our hearts open as we allow the Mother’s love to touch us deeply.

The poor one is the one who does not speak or feel the heart.
The rich one is the one who always feels and speaks from the heart and lives this way.
You will learn; we all learn.
Life is forgiving, if we forgive ourselves.
Keep the words “I love you” always on your lips, and you will learn to kiss happiness itself.

I love you.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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