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Mother’s River of Love


A lot of people enter spiritual life to escape responsibilities.
You cannot escape a thing if you are really a true seeker.
Especially when one is serving; one is lost in taking care of those in need.
The Shakti brings creative energy to everyday living when one is flowing in the Mother’s River of love.

When you follow your heart, you will find that you have a need for harmony within yourself and in others.
Learning to hear the heart of all who come before you brings a simple and profound feeling of peace.
You are the spiritual gold you seek.

Like the streams of the Ganga, the heart of the yogi flows with love for the suffering humanity.
The heart is like a clear lake where one can see right to the bottom.
In this lake one can hear the melody of spiritual joy pervading the atmosphere.
Dance on the waves of the Ganga, and bathe in the silvery rays of the Moon of Bliss.
It is time to feel the bliss in your life, the way the holy did long ago.
You can learn the mystical way of the heart.
The mysticism of all religions is basically the same.

One learns to see God in all, living to acknowledge this God.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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