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Mother Shakti


On Kashi one learns how to reclaim spiritual love and the spiritual power known as Shakti.
So many people have forgotten the existence of the feminine power of Shakti.
All of Kashi is the reminder of the Feminine.
If you accept the existence of spiritual powers, which are represented in all religions, then you can accept that there are those who can teach you how to use these magnificent powers of the Universe.

Your teachers can teach you to attain your own vast range of spiritual powers and the ability to live in the world, thereby making your world better for you and for others.
You will understand all sources of power that lead to divine love that are present and hidden within you.
The future holds all kinds of gifts that you desire in your life, once you learn how to use the powers within your Being.
It is the ego that stops you from knowing all of your possibilities.
Know this moment that anything you need to know from the Universe is already deep in your heart.
In meditation you can begin to realize how much you can uncover and use.
In meditation you connect with your own source of power and love.
Mother Shakti is in you; She always was and always will be.

I love you,
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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