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The Mother of the Meeting Rivers


There is one Goddess who is called the Mother of the Meeting Rivers.
She can be any Goddess in which you believe.
We who love the Mother and understand that She is always with us feel Her in every part of our physical and nonphysical bodies.
Yet She is mostly found in the very center of the chest.

The meeting takes place center of the chest where the spiritual heart exists so the seeker knows the Holy Rivers in one merge of Mother and child.
The Mother of the Meeting Rivers stays with us every step of the way and looks after us.
“Let go! Let go!” She cries out, “Let go of the ego’s grip! I am here, I am here.”

The heart can hold the most amount of love, and that love floods over the lower chakras.
Then the power in us rises up the spine and shoots love out the top of our heads.
There the bliss is waiting as the Mother takes you into the Universe and the Formless.
This whole time, the Mother of the Meeting Rivers waits in the spiritual heart to welcome you home to your tantric flesh.
Like a monkey on the tree of life of the Universe, the ego leaps from branch to branch.
This is the ego-mind that can be controlled by awareness.

You say, “Jump ego, jump from branch to branch as I rise to the Emptiness; you will tire out and my Soul will be refreshed.”
Moving downward through the Universe, the fire who is the Mother penetrates the top of my head.
Fire rushes down, blessing the third eye and sacred throat.
It lands in beautiful heat in the center of the chest, where the Mother of the Meeting Rivers waits as we are drenched in Her many waters.

The world cannot enter into the flow of my heart.
It is drowned in the same waters as the ego.
Today let your body be drenched in Her waters and live with Her inner warmth.

I love you and long to teach you of the Mother of the Meeting Rivers.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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