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Mother Laxmi Meditation on Freedom


Let us all give thanks for our lives this morning.
For all that we have and will have in the future of the now.
I bow to Mother Laxmi, She who has brought to heart and mind the ability for prosperity and turned it all into a reality.

On the spiritual path to Enlightenment, the most important technique to resolve problems is surrender to the Mother on the path, which is Mother Laxmi.
Her Divine Hand sustains you and leads you to the surrender of your heart and to the acceptance of your Soul.
The divine plan brings trust to your heart of hearts, the heart of the Mother.
Trust is developed gradually over many lifetimes, guided by gratitude and love.
There is no need to ever become afraid of any situation.
Again and again the divine plan continues to sustain you, even when you are in deep sleep and have no control over the body.
You are in the arms of Mother Laxmi.
How wonderful it is to have the heart’s purpose be no other than to help others, to help all humanity.

She is the Mother of the world.
She is the Goddess of wealth, beauty, and good fortune.
She is especially worshiped at Diwali.
She has four arms and sits on a lotus flower; Her hands drop gold coins that symbolize wealth.
She has elephants on each side of Her, symbolizing prosperity.
Her lower hands drop gold coins into the waiting hands of people all over the world.

She shows us all that everything has a purpose.
She is strong and is loved by all.
She is also said to ride the owl of wisdom.
There is a sense of reality all around Her, therefore around all of Her children.
Before Her, you are your internal self.
How beautiful to understand that you are not the body.
You rip out your smaller self, and know in the depths of your being that you are not your flesh.
You are not the wave; you are beyond the whole of the ocean and beyond even that.

Sit quietly and feel Her arms around you.
She is holding four lotuses, one in each hand.
The sweetness of the moment can be felt in meditation.
You breathe the sweetness in and out.
The very air around you and in you becomes sweet with anticipation.
You are in a dream, and the dream’s problems vanish.
The world does not call you or spite you or harass you.

As you sit, a fragrance emerges from the heart of the universe.
Buds bloom in the night as the moon shines forth.
All clouds disperse.
As the radiant sun disperses all dark clouds, your breath comes in deeper and deeper.
Streams of dreams of gold gush forth.

Sit, and feel the Mother’s breath surround you.
Say the words, “I am free.”
Then know you are free.
You are everything in this freedom, and this freedom is everything in you.

After doing this meditation, your life will begin to change for the better.
You will find that you are capable of so much more.
You will find that you are capable of helping yourself and others like never before.
It is so simple and so true.

I love you all,
Ma Jaya


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