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Mother Kundalini & Love


As Kundalini begins to rise in the seeker, there is a great infusion of energy from the unseen worlds of inner awareness.
She is the Mother of all Tantric movements and joy.
Kundalini energy can bring states of bliss, ecstasy and consciousness of a higher level than one is used to.
At times, though very rarely, fear races through the seeker and he becomes afraid of his own beauty.
I have seen pride ruin so many lives.
This is the pride of the ego.
When the ego separates you from your Beloved with its own ego thoughts, the ego gets inflated.
This hurts the Mother, though She loves unconditionally.

The open heart is the right of everyone, and I so want you all to walk through life with a wide open heart of love.
This love gives blessings to life itself
The energy of awakening is being given for the whole of life.
Anyone with a dry heart, who does not want to change, dies with a dry heart at the end of a dry life.

I love you all so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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