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Mother Kashi


Kashi has filled my heart with the nectar of love.
Her joy courses through my veins, and my soul is nourished by Kashi’s being.
With the feathery garment of joy, She soars into the heavens and back to Her Land.

She is the truth of life and the beauty of death.
Her Ganga flows like many streams with different forms of bliss, drenching all who taste even one drop of Her waters.
And the River shall merge into the Ocean, taking us on Her journey to our highest self.

Adversity is like a thorn upon a beautiful rose; the Mother teaches us how to take paths of glory instead of paths of stones.
Yet She gives us the tools to walk upon the thorns without being marked by negativity.
The confines of the ego are taken by the winds of eternity.

The inner world of our higher minds is like golden dust.
It is so sweet in meditation.
One can hear the music of Divine Harmony in the stillness.
In the garden of my heart, I lead you to taste the waters of the Mother’s well.
You drink deeply of Divine Grace, and Grace walks with you.
I watch as the flower buds unfold into the expanse of the Universe.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


One Response

  • Dear Ma Jaya,
    I understand and i have great respect for the compassion & love.
    I would like to be enlightened to the level of Grace and share with you a moment of Grace.
    I am not on face book.
    With Gratitude.