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Mother and the Ego


The ego promotes paranoia.
It has you thinking that whoever loves you does not love you and wants something from you.
Your Soul Spirit knows better.
You have to remind yourself that the Mother made you in perfect harmony.
She teaches you to welcome love and not hide from it.
We are all decent loving Souls.
Remind yourself that this is truth.
You have the same higher intelligence that all of life has running through them.
When you have a thought that belittles you or one that raises you higher than others, pay attention to how you feel.

Pay attention to your feelings.
You are the Mother’s child and you must say that to yourself over and over: “I am the Mother’s child, I am the Mother’s child.”
Your own Soul truth will come through.
Saying “I am enough” is enough to chase away ego thought.
Make the choice to love.
Choose to return to the light of love, and your fears will disappear.

Make the decision to be free of doubt.
By saying to yourself, “I have arrived,” you release the stress of the ego.
You are allowing your mind to be present in the moment.
Experience the moment’s bliss.
Let go of all the ego thoughts.
Your overriding objective is to live and breathe love.
Never fear love.
To fear love is to surrender to the ego.
Being attached to anything that has happened to you stops all growth.

Surrender to the moment; this is your Higher Self.
The Shakti in the now is the most powerful energy of all.
Invite your loving presence into your moment.
This invitation will spread out into the future.
Your physical being is an unbelievable creation.
When you are bewildered, stop and think of this creation.

Be patient; the Mother is always patient with you.
She stays with you no matter what you have done.
Her infinite patience is available to you to use and to copy.
Seek your riches within; this is the voice of your highest self.
Your higher self wants you to be at peace.
Your ego wants agitation, thus you are dominated by the ego.
Make the transition from domination to tolerance toward yourself.
The ego tries to keep you separated from your higher self.
The Mother stands between you and your ego.
The ego tries to keep you separate at all times.
Take this moment to invite the Mother into your heart.
It may take a few tries to feel the love cut the tension of the ego, yet I promise that you will feel the Mother.

I love you so very much.
Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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