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Mother and Our Divinity


We are all born divine, and each of us has the Soul that dwells eternally at the core of our beings.
It is said that we are all God in disguise.
Kundalini rests at the bottom of the spine, waiting to awaken by yoga and other practices.
Kali Natha Tantric Yoga, taught by a trained teacher, can help awaken this power so you can taste the beauty of the merge into the Oneness.

Out of habit, we listen to others instead of ourselves.
We all have at the core of our being the great Intuitive Mother, who whispers right from wrong in our ear.
If you sit still this very moment, you can feel the Mother speaking to you if you are ready to listen.
Negative emotions melt away when you let the Intuitive Mother run free.
Do not argue with yourself; just listen.
Mother can combine all that is good for you and bring you to a path of peace.
She grants you solidity with the Oneness.
She affects your life forever.
She teaches us not to contradict the Self, to be wide open, and to receive so we can return to our original God-like state.
We have the connection to all of space in the Universe.

After practicing meditation for awhile, you can bring yourself to yourself.
You can begin to develop self-worth.
You can embrace kindness instead of selfishness.
All this can happen from learning how to meditate.
Keep it simple and your life will become simple.
Negative emotions come from constantly contradicting yourself.
This is the ego causing confusion.
When you sit simply and keep your heart open no matter what, you vibrate with the Universe and can be whatever you want to be.
Know for sure that you are a positive being; you can overwhelm all that is negative.
Just sit still when you can, and repeat, “God loves me, God loves me.”
And in a short while you will believe that you are love, and that you were born to love.

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


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