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Mother’s Shakti


Sit quietly, and visualize golden clouds of the Mother’s Shakti entering into your third eye.
This is the mystic center between the eyebrows.

Feel that your brain and your nervous system are receiving the gentle rain of the Mother’s refreshing energy.
Feel the waves of bliss and joy sweep over your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

See this Shakti, feel this Shakti and become this Shakti.
Visualize a vast ocean before your eyes.
Feel you are sitting on a beautiful, sandy beach with the sun shining upon you.
You are watching the waves rolling onto the beach and then gracefully returning to the Mother Ocean, never forgetting from whence they have come.

Meditate upon love by feeling kindness and compassion flow from your heart like streams of rain flowing from the sky.
Picture your love permeating the entire Universe, as clouds of good wishes for all of humanity emerge from your mind and shower upon the hearts of all beings.

The Mother’s love permeates all of your being.
She radiates love from Her heart that calls you to Her.
I love you all,

Ma Jaya
Kashi Ashram


One Response

  • Govinda Ram says:

    I can only Pray That Your Message Of Love And Compassion Reaches Heads of Governments,Corporations.Banks And Wall Street !!!!!! So much money And technology to solve world hunger and diseases such little action motivated by compassion…….None of these people understand “You Can’t Take It With You”
    or “And In The End The Love You Take Is = To The Love Hue Make” Jjjaaa My Dear Shakti Ma, Baba and Nityananda……May Your Ocean Of Bliss Reighn Justice on All Beings of Peace and Joy!!!!!!!!